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Immigrating to Canada is one of the most important decisions you will ever take in your life. Do not waste your time and money by submitting an incomplete and substandard application, as you could become ineligible and loose the chances of changing your future. Investing in our professional services will guarantee you recieve the best representation of your case.

As a prospective immigrant, you should know how important is the preparation of your documentation in the best possible way, when applying for a Canadian Permanent Residence Visa.

You may be under the impression that applying for Immigration to Canada is an easy and simple task. This could be certainly true, BUT not for all cases. Taking into consideration our experience with previous cases, we could tell you this process depends a lot on the way the Application is presented to the Canadian authorities. Mainly, if it is a case that just passes the minimum of points required (a borderline Case). It is extremely important to file the best possible application. A simple mistake could lead you to fail the process, and to be considered as ineligible.

Taking our services you will obtain some advantages. We will file your Application only after reviewing very carefully each aspect and after being sure that it's been prepared in the most efficient way, thus, your chances of Success will be increased.

Below is a summary of our Immigration Services:

  1. We complete and review your application form, so we will make sure there are no time gaps in your work, study or living history. You should have in mind mistakes could make your application returned, or delayed.
  2. We review, check and make sure that you have provided all the documents required to support your application, each of them with its proper translation (into English or French), made by a certified translator.
  3. We prepare a Submission Report on your behalf, in which we will highlight your strengths and explain your weaknesses. This is one of the most important points of our services. The fact of providing a Submission Report to the Canadian authorities could lead your case to be decided for an interview waiver. In such a case, the processing time of your application will be considerably shorter. Although we cannot assure you this fact, this is our main goal.
  4. We prepare your Personal Immigration Assessment Report, which will give you a detailed explanation of the number of points awarded to you for each selection criteria. We also advise you the different ways you have to gain points and improve your total score.
  5. We advise you the best Canadian Embassy where to apply for your case, keeping in mind the country where you are currently living.
  6. We give you a description of your specific occupational classification according to the National Occupational Classification book, including main duties that you should meet in order to be considered eligible under that classification.
  7. We provide you with a guideline regarding the way Letters of Reference from current or previous employers should look like, points they should cover, etc.
  8. We provide you with a guideline regarding the way Letters of "Offer of Assistance" (from relatives, friends or organizations) should look like.
  9. We guide you in how to prepare your curriculum vitae; according to the way Canadian Companies prefer to see the information (Canadian standards).
  10. We guide you about the licensing requirements you might need for your specific occupation, in order to obtain the required permission to pursue such an occupation once you arrive in Canada. We also give you information on the labor market for your occupation.
  11. We do a job search on your behalf, by posting your Curriculum Vitae to the main Canadian Job Search websites.
  12. INTERVIEW PREPARATION. As the interview step is the crucial moment of an application we provide our clients with an interview hints material. This interview material advise you how to answer to questions of relevant importance for your application Lot of cases applying for Canadian Permanent Residence Visa are prompted to attend a selection interview. The visa officer will determine if the applicant is really eligible by measuring the educational qualifications, work experience, knowledge of the Canadian labor market, capability of successfully establish himself / herself in Canada, and knowledge of the English and/or French Language.
  13. We give you general useful information on Canada (rights and responsibilities, health, education, etc.)
  14. We support you and guide you when undergoing your medical examinations, and when collecting your police report.
  15. We give you a free personal immigration consultation, during all your immigration process, to clear up any doubt, or other kind of extra services you could ask for. We will also represent you in any correspondence to/from the Canadian Embassy as: faxes, emails, status request, etc.