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When the qualified applicant decides to retain our services, they have to sign a retainer agreement and services contract with Fee Agreements. Upon receipt of signed copies of the Fee Agreement, a package is sent to the client containing Immigration forms along with a detailed covering letter and the checklist of other documents including formats for affidavits required from the client for preparation of the case.

Once a client returns the information and documents requested. Canadian Immigration Group will, on behalf of their client, embark upon the process to successfully immigrate to Canada ...

  1. Prepare and submit a comprehensive submission report to the Immigration Officers at Citizenship and Immigration Canada to highlight reasons why your application should be considered favorably. Including matters that may affect the officer to exercise discretion in your favor.
  2. Our submissions are based on the Immigration Act & Regulations and are used solely to indicate to the visa officer as to how our client meets / or would meet the requirements for permanent resident status. Selection Criteria factors are translated as per the requirements. It is done is such a way that the best program from the occupations in demand in Canada is matched to the qualifications and experience of the applicants to obtain optimum possible success. This submission report plays a significant role in the success of the applicant
  3. If relevant we will attach a copy of our Assessment of your Skills and Qualifications outlining to Citizenship and Immigration Canada the number of points you scored and the reasons why you should be accepted as a Landed Immigrant.
  4. Expert counseling on documentation of application and supporting data. Check and enclose all the required documents with appropriate translations wherever required. We often request and submit supplementary documents to strengthen your position
  5. Inform you of the nearest Designated Medical Officer for your Medical Examination and provide you information that will assist you in securing "Police Clearance Certificates"
  6. Ensure that we submit your application to the processing center in a time efficient manner.
  7. Advise you of the correct Landing Fee and the Processing Fee's and ensure the same is properly completed and enclosed. Ensure that the photographs submitted are of correct size as designated by Immigration Canada.
  8. Keep you informed about your interview dates and other pertinent information. Prepare clients for interview by providing extensive counseling. The most crucial part after the Submission Report is the interview by the Visa Officer at the Visa Office. The Visa Officers who by law are authorized to issue the Immigration visa, have to determine the eligibility of the applicant and to decide whether the applicant would be able to successfully establish himself/herself in Canada or not. Some of the important factors considered by the Visa Officer are:
    • Transferability of educational qualification, skills and training of the applicant to Canadian Job market/business environment keeping in view the intended occupation of the applicant or business report.
    • Capability of the applicant to successfully establish himself/herself in Canada.
    • Assessment results from professional bodies and/or educational institutions in Canada
    • Shortfall in qualifications, skills and training as per the Canadian standards and efforts put in by applicant to bridge the shortfall.
    • Knowledge about licensing and registration for working in the applicant's profession in Canada.
    • Knowledge about job market in Canada
    • Whether the applicant is resourceful, motivated and adaptable and whether he/she has taken initiative to ensure successful establishment in Canada.
    • Exploratory visit by Business category applicants. We prepare our clients thoroughly for the interview with the Immigration authorities, since we have complete knowledge about the subject.
  9. We will represent your best interests when communicating and monitoring your application with Immigration Officers as and when required.
  10. Assist clients on complying with the conditions of landing imposed on their landing papers and visas. We will always be available to answer your questions or address your concerns both during and after the immigration process