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How long does it take to process my immigration application?

There is no standard processing time that we can provide for you. Each case is different and will be processed by the local Citizenship and Immigration Canada visa office, according to their resources and number of applications they are processing.

The length of time it takes to process an immigration application (including Skilled Worker, sponsorship, business immigrant, etc.) can be different in each overseas mission or visa office.

Click here for the list of Citizenship and Immigration Canada mission or visa offices. Some of the visa offices have web sites you can visit. Many of these web sites have more information on how long it might take to process your application. It can be very different from location to location.

Most family-class applications to sponsor spouses and children are handled in well under a year - 25% of them in four months or less. However, the processing time can be different from visa office to visa office.

For example, the visa office in New Delhi, India indicates that the average wait time to sponsor a spouse or child is 12 months, while in Beijing, China, the average time is 9 months.

Skilled worker applications take much longer - an average of 25 months for many cases. However, about 25% of Skilled Worker applications are processed in eight months and 50% of them take one year to process.

In this case, the New Delhi, India office indicates that it will take 3 months simply to confirm receipt of a Skilled Worker application and that they "are currently unable to predict times for completing the initial assessment or for interviews for Skilled Worker applicants" as they have so many applications to work through. At the same time, the Beijing, China office indicates that their average processing time for a Skilled Worker application is 48 months.

All visa offices will tell you something like, "Processing times vary from case to case, often due to reasons beyond our control. Some cases will take longer than the times indicated."

With these kinds of wait times, it is important that you fill out all forms correctly and follow the correct process, as outlined by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).