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Canadian immigration law can be a daunting subject. The evaluation process for determining an applicant's eligibility is quite complex. The visa application process for permanent residence is not simple and straightforward. Few are ever prepared to navigate the process alone. That's why professional representation makes all the difference.

The immigration policies, rules and procedures change frequently. Failure to properly evaluate the applicant's eligibility and/or failure to complete all the necessary forms accurately and to provide all the necessary supporting documentation and information can result in delays and potentially rejection of these applications.

After the initial assessment, Canadian Immigration Group will tell you what are your chances for success in a frank and straightforward manner. If you do not wish to continue, you are under no obligation to do so. If we tell you that your application would most likely be rejected by Immigration Canada, you have just saved the additional cost of applying to the Canadian Embassy.

On the other hand, if we tell you that your application would most likely be accepted by Immigration Canada, then you have the option of retaining our services. We appreciate that at this stage you are also free to apply without our help, however as immigration may be the most important decision of your life, retaining Canadian Immigration Group can increase your chances for success.

Remember a professional representative with current knowledge of the procedures and regulations can properly serve the interest of his clients and ensure successful processing of the application leading to the client, securing immigration visa for the client and the client's dependents.

Canadian Immigration Group works with you to develop practical immigration strategies. We can reduce or overcome your immigration obstacles, and ultimately help you realise your immigration dreams by opening doors to new beginnings in Canada.

Before planning to migrate to Canada, discover whether you qualify by simply completing our ONLINE IMMIGRATION ASSESSMENT FORM

Our services will save you considerable time and effort, ensure the accuracy of your application, and maximize your chances of success.